Teen Wolf + Chuck

Stiles Stilinski, computer geek at the local BuyMore, has a problem. See, he unwittingly downloaded government secrets stolen by special agent Laurel Hale into his brain.

At work at the Nerd Herd counter, Stiles is approached by Derek Larkin - and thank you Scott for making obscene gestures behind Derek’s back - and after he fixes Derek’s phone, he’s invited on a date.

They both get ready in their own ways - Special Agent Derek Hale of the CIA through exercise and hiding weapons, and Stiles Stilinski of the Nerd Herd through.. Stilesing.

But the CIA aren’t the only ones trying to get their hands on Stiles…

Spoiler alert: The date does not end the way Stiles hoped it would.

Headcanon: Laurel Hale and Stiles went to Stanford until he got him kicked out because… you’d know if you’d watched Chuck

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Anonymous said:
*attack hugs* I was told to attack you with hugs so I attack hugged you and here *hands chocolates* because chocolates are awesome like you.  

Look!! I attack hugged you back!! And chocolate! Yes!! <3

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No but imagine Thominho having a little baby and daddy Minho being such a sweetheart with him like he’s never been before with anyone, not even with Thomas, and Thomas finding him so cute.

Imagine Minho seating on the floor with baby Chuck and playing with his little cars and Chuck chuckling like the baby he is, his golden eyes sparkling because he has the best daddies in the world and Thomas watching them, laying on the door frame, smiling super wide because he thinks his family is the best thing he’s ever had and that they all deserve this whole lot of happiness after everything they’ve been through.

Imagine Thominho seating on the couch on Christmas morning, watching their little son unpacking his gifts and laughing and smiling and running to them really hesitantly because he’s still so small but Thomas and Minho think it’s the most adorable thing in the world and they look at each other and smile so wide it’s beautiful.

And imagine Thomas putting Chuck into bed at night and then joining Minho on the couch.
Thomas lies on the couch and puts his head on Minho’s thighs and they watch these stupid Christmas movies on TV but they don’t care because it feels so good to be genuinely happy. Minho has a hand in Thomas’s hair and the other on his chest, and they’re staring at each other in the eyes because they love each other so much it’s overwhelming but they don’t care because being overwhelmed with love is so much better than being overwhelmed with grief and loss and pain.

And they remember for a minute all the pain they’ve felt and all the things they’ve been through and of course it hurts, but now they know they have each other and their little wonderful son.

And Minho kisses Thomas gently on the lips and tells him he’s the shuckiest shuckfaced shuck there ever was, for old time’s sake.

And Thomas smiles and kisses him with more passion and tells Minho he loves him too because he knows it’s Minho’s way to tell him he loves him and needs him by his side.

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"Do you honestly believe that?"
"Not on your shucking life."
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I can’t with his name being Minho I was in the SHINee fandom for a while and I just

Here, let me help you out!

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Teen Wolf AU: Spencer Deaton is Scott’s Druid Emissary, but things get complicated for him when he starts developing feelings for Scott. Convinced it could never work, he tries to hide his feelings, and ends up pushing Scott away, until Alan tells him about his love for Talia, giving him the courage he needs to tell Scott the truth. ( 1 | 2 )

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